This week was interesting for me. I taught three workshops in three days, then spent a whole day traveling home only to get on a plane the next day to fly to a conference where I’ll be speaking tomorrow. Crazy week! My wife probably thinks I’m crazy too, and I just may be, but there is one thing I’m not and that’s tired! I’m actually exhilarated and here is the reason… I’m doing something that I love doing. I’m teaching. I’m spending my days teaching Gapology, IMBAR and other leadership topics that are transforming the lives of the people in my classrooms. This is my passion and doing my passion is never tiring, it accelerates me forward and gives me momentum to keep going.

Are you doing the same? Are you working on the passions in your life? If not, look for an opportunity to do so this week. Work a way to fit them into your schedule. These are the most important things for us to make time for in our days and weeks. Schedule these things first, and at the beginning of your week, to make sure that you have time for them and so you don’t let the whirlwind of distraction sway you away.

When looking at closing Importance Gaps in our lives, prioritization is a key root solution for quickly and permanently shutting them completely. We must identify what is important, truly important, in the scope of all we want to accomplish and then we need to make those things our top priorities.

We all have work to do and sometimes we don’t love that work. But what we can do is look for ways to either blend our passions into our day jobs or look for ways to do them outside of the workplace in order to fuel ourselves for the next day. Not enough time in the day?

Minimizing time wasters like TV or surfing the web will give us the time we need. Start there. Start small if necessary. Just start. You’ll find that even with adding in extra things, you actually feel more energized!

Have a great, energetic and passion filled week!


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