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Self-Development: Emerging Leaders Series

Personal and professional growth sits at the heart of winning leadership. Just as the Knowledge Gap is the first Performance Gap we must identify and close when we miss achieving our objectives, self-development must be the first thing we go after when attempting to improve our performance. Often, leaders sink into complacency once they move into a managerial role and never seek learning with intent. This creates Knowledge Gaps within themselves and, ultimately, with their teams.

It is imperative that we close our Knowledge Gaps. Look to the Root Solutions for guidance here:

  • Seek training by leveraging online resources, going to the library, or even taking classes.

  • Seek teaching by connecting with those around you. Reach out to other talented people for inspiration and knowledge.

  • Seek opportunities to push the boundaries of your talent. Take smart risks. Ask for additional duties. Stretch your comfort zone.

Below are some tips for leveraging the power of self-development to create momentum around personal and professional growth.

  • Become a teachable learner. Open yourself up to learning and look for opportunities to learn from those around you. Ask questions. Be known as someone curious and growth-minded.

  • Focus on strengths. Most people focus their learning on weaknesses and never fully develop their strengths. Devote time here. By dedicating time to your strengths, you have more upside, and they are typically more enjoyable. Enjoying development is key to creating momentum around learning.

  • Look to people you respect and admire for examples. Observe what they say and do. Spend time with them, if possible, and ask questions to learn how they think. Often they can share tips and tricks that you may not even see.

  • Establish a self-development rhythm. Plan and dedicate time to it. Start at the beginning of your week before it gets filled with everything else. Don’t push those blocks of time when your week gets hectic. Stay committed to them.

Ultimately, it is up to you to take action regarding your personal and professional growth. Don’t wait for someone else to develop you. We own our growth. Growth can come in many forms; it doesn’t all need to be work-related. We are holistic people with a heart, mind, and spirit. Seek ways to develop each of them, and your holistic being will be impacted in ways you may have never thought possible.

*Listen to our full podcast discussion on this subject here:


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