Synergistic partnerships are all about empathetic listening, curious observation and supportive questioning. This is how we connect with our clients to understand their daily struggles in order to provide the right support, in the right manner, with the right methods. Our Purpose is "Helping Leaders Achieve Their Greatest Potential" and we wrap it into all of our partnerships!

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Mark Thienes' identity as a "results driven, developer of people who lives every day as a servant leader" drives his passion for helping leaders achieve their greatest potential. His experiential journey encompasses over thirty five years of success as an industry-leading executive and has resulted in three books, Gapology: How Winning Leaders Close Performance GapsIMBAR: The Pathway of Transformation, and Speed of Purpose: Achieve 2.8X Productivity and Beyond


In his first book, Gapology, Mark proudly refers to himself as “the original Gapologist.” Through his research for the book and subsequent coaching sessions, he has transformed the leadership of literally thousands of winning leaders. Mark has gained incredible insight into their secrets of winning. Gapology—the formula of closing the Knowledge Gap, then the Importance Gap, and then the Action Gap—resulted from listening to and observing winning leaders in action.

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Brian Brockhoff has led and mentored teams of diverse business leaders for over thirty years and is responsible for the creation and design of numerous skill-development programs. He also designed and co-authored Gapology: How Winning Leaders Close Performance Gaps, IMBAR: The Pathway of Transformation, and Speed of Purpose: Achieve 2.8X Productivity and Beyond with Mark Thienes, as well as a book of weekly inspirations based on the principles described in Gapology entitled, Gapology Inspirations

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Bob Vandercook is a passionate, insightful and inspired leader with over thirty years of experience working with people from all over the world. From some of the poorest communities to Fortune 25 companies, Bob is driven to change the planet by sharing his teachings and standing side-by-side with those working hard to make a difference. Bob builds the type of synergistic relationships necessary to understand and identify the gaps keeping leaders from achieving their highest goals and then helps to build the plans needed to close them. 

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Bryan Thienes' commitment to his clients stands above all. With a relentless focus on delivering results through a lens of collaborative exploration, he helps leaders see their performance gaps clearly and the required root solutions objectively. Bryan's years of experience in the service industries provides the solid foundation to help those working on the front lines and in the corner offices develop realistic expectations and the necessary behaviors that consistently move the needle to achieve the organizations highest goals. 

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Chris Baker is an inspirational leader with over 30 years of experience on both sides of the Atlantic. Originally from the UK Chris now lives in Florida and is a proud recipient of the prestigious Walt Disney Legacy Award from his time as a leader with Disney. Chris has built his career on a foundation of: engaging team members to provide exceptional customer service which, in turn, generates high class business results. Chris’s methods help close the gaps in communication, internally and externally, which creates a winning culture and legacy.