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Synergistic partnerships are all about empathetic listening, curious observation and supportive questioning. This is how we connect with our clients to understand their daily struggles in order to provide the right support, in the right manner, with the right methods. Our Purpose is "Helping Leaders Achieve Their Greatest Potential" and we wrap it into all of our partnerships!

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Mark Thienes, Founder & CEO, has the identity as a "results driven, developer of people who lives every day as a servant leader." This drives his passion for helping leaders to achieve their greatest potential. His experiential journey encompasses decades of success as an industry-leading executive and has resulted in three books, Gapology: How Winning Leaders Close Performance GapsIMBAR: The Pathway of Transformation, and Speed of Purpose: Achieve 2.8X Productivity and Beyond


In his first book, Gapology, Mark proudly refers to himself as “the original Gapologist.” Through his research for the book and subsequent coaching sessions, he has transformed the leadership of literally thousands of winning leaders. Mark has gained incredible insight into their winning secrets. Gapology—the formula of closing the Knowledge Gap, then the Importance Gap, and then the Action Gap—resulted from listening to and observing those winning leaders in action.

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Brian Brockhoff, Co-Founder, President & Creative Director, is a learning & development, sales, and operations expert who has led and mentored teams of diverse business leaders for over thirty years and is responsible for creating and designing numerous skill-development programs.


He also designed and co-authored Gapology: How Winning Leaders Close Performance Gaps, IMBAR: The Pathway of Transformation, and Speed of Purpose: Achieve 2.8X Productivity and Beyond with Mark Thienes, as well as a series of books of weekly inspirations based on the principles described in Gapology entitled, Gapology Inspirations, Volumes 1 & 2. Brian currently writes the leadership blog, The Gapology Angle, and hosts the podcast series, Gapology Radio with Mark.


Jolyann Lee-Brockhoff, SVP Operations, is a client relations, learning & development, and project management expert who has a strong focus on details, customer relations, and a drive for excellence in all things. She has over twenty years of project management experience and a strong background in instructional design and curriculum development. Jolyann heads up all Gapology business functions, such as workshop bookings and coordination, material logistics, and client billing. 

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Bryan Thienes' commitment to his clients stands above all. With a relentless focus on delivering results through a lens of collaborative exploration, he helps leaders see their performance gaps clearly and the required root solutions objectively. Bryan's years of experience in the service industries provides the solid foundation to help those working on the front lines and in the corner offices develop realistic expectations and the necessary behaviors that consistently move the needle to achieve the organizations highest goals. 

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