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How Winning Leaders Close Performance Gaps

Gapology is the term Mark Thienes and Brian Brockhoff coined to describe what winning leaders do to identify and close performance gaps in their teams. Gapology is their process.


Gapology provides these keys in the form of nine root solutions that, when applied intentionally, close the performance gaps quickly and permanently.


Gapology is for all leaders, regardless of the size of the team, business or industry in which they work. As long as people are being led, Gapology is needed.


These discoveries are now at your fingertips! Achieve your full potential with Gapology!


The Pathway of Transformation

Mark Thienes and Brian Brockhoff discovered the pathway of transformation called IMBAR.


Whether in your professional career, organization, personal life or any specific situation, leveraging your IDENTITY gives you the tremendous power to intentionally produce whatever RESULTS you desire. Our IDENTITY creates our MINDSET, BEHAVIOR, and ACTIONS culminating in our RESULTS...thus IMBAR!

Gapology Inspirations

Weekly Motivations for Winning Leaders

If you like Gapology, check out Gapology Inspirations!

These short, fun-to-read lessons can be read independently, but continues the learning process begun with our first book.

Jump-start each week by reading and reflecting on one of these lessons and how it applies to your role. Then leverage the message to lead, motivate and inspire your team to take action and achieve a winning performance.

Begin your weekly transformation today!

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