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GAPOLOGY is a set of tools and a way of thinking that creates a desired outcome.

START identifying and closing your gaps now!


We love teaching GAPOLOGY in a group setting! We see immediate changes in behaviors and results.


Using our proven IMBAR identity mapping, we help you design a path for the future. You will never be the same!


Using our CALIBRATIO process, we help you align everything you do to support your purpose.


we help you develop winning teams!

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Our workshops have been proven to provide you and your team with an interactive learning environment. We teach GAPOLOGY in the context of your specific business.

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IMBAR is a powerful, unique, identity map. Your identity map becomes your pathway to transformation. The IMBAR identity map created for you, is all about you!

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"I feel so inspired to move quickly with my team and I know their introduction to Gapology is going to be a game changer to improving performance."

Melanie Koup | Chief of Stores

"If you have a vision of who you want to be and where you want to go in your career, IMBAR is the definitive roadmap to your success. If you manage a team of leaders that all seem to go in every directions except the one you need them to go IMBAR is a great way to get them maximizing their efforts for the best team results."

Stephen Stessman | VP of Sales / Tuff Shed

"...Anyone interested in WINNING needs to follow the Gapology method and start building a Culture of Action!!!"

Larry Remington | CEO President / K-Swiss Global Brands