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Creating a Culture of Action-Based Analysis: Culture Series

What do you do with all the information compiled into your weekly reports? Is it just ink on paper, or do you create real action from it? At the heart of everything we teach in Gapology is the expectation of moving a team to purposeful, intentional action that creates real results. Often, as leaders, we get so bogged down in data that we forget the real purpose of the data is to indicate where to put our efforts. We must develop a culture where analysis is on purpose. Numbers (Metrics, Results, KPIs) reflect Behaviors. The analysis is conducted for the purpose of creating action, not solely for reflection. Use the analysis to identify and close Performance Gaps.

Here are some tips for doing so…

  • Close the Knowledge Gap: What is the information telling you? What behaviors were in place that created the result? What behaviors were missing?

  • Close the Importance Gap: Why does that information matter? How does it impact your objects, expectations, and purpose? How does it impact the team, company, and customer?

  • Close the Action Gap: What needs to happen due to the analysis? What needs to be celebrated? What needs to be course-corrected? What needs to be completely changed?

Start by closing your own Performance Gaps. Close your Knowledge, Importance, and Action Gaps using the questions above. Then use the data to help turn your attention to your team and close their Performance Gaps.

  • What do they need to know?

  • Why does it matter to them?

  • What do they need to do?

Remember that analysis without action is just a waste of ink and paper. Devote time to looking for ways to put your learnings to work to create real momentum within your team and yourself. Teach them how to do this as well, recognizing and coaching them along the way to help them improve and value the process. Spending this extra time will create a culture of action-based analysis that will produce real, lasting results.


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