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LEADING WITH THE 4 C's - A Conversation with Coach Cabrina McLain

Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to finally have a conversation with the amazing Coach Cabrina McLain on our podcast, “Gapology Radio” and I would absolutely recommend that you listen to that episode to hear her describe her incredible journey as an author and executive coach. Although she is a good friend of mine and I’ve worked with her for a number of years, I never get tired of her inspirational view of the world and the light that perpetually shines from within her. In our conversation she shared high-level views on many of the key points from her book, “How to 4C Positive Change in Your Life."

I’d like to summarize some of the conversation and add some additional commentary on those points as well, to help you put these amazing lessons to work in your life.

Here are her four C’s:


Take empathy to action. Let the pregnant woman have your seat on the bus. Take a homeless person to lunch. You can live a negative life and have compassion. It makes the world a better place. Compassion ties directly to the other C’s and other elements of your life. Compassion connects to others’ souls, which really brings empathy to life. Develop a passion for being compassionate!


Push through fear. Fear makes us anxious and uncomfortable, and it can really stifle us. We need to build the courage to get on that literal or figurative stage in our lives. Courage can drive us through to become the best version of our authentic selves. Accept that fear is real. Then push through it. Take those first steps onto the stage and everything will become easier after that.


Don’t dim your own light. Other people may want to dim yours, but don’t do it to yourself. Be a leader and confront others who are dimming theirs. Help them see their own light within. If leading a meeting or gathering, look for introverts and provide them with opportunities to interact. They may have amazing things to contribute but struggle with finding the room to share.


Recognize what’s happening around you. Choose unique ways to celebrate others. Send a private text about how they are showing up in your life. Give real standing ovations, mail out personal handwritten notes, and tell people face to face how you appreciate them. Recognize yourself too!

Take these four C’s and begin putting them to work in your life. They may seem simple at first, but remaining dedicated to them as consistent elements that you live by will take extreme commitment. In the end, however, you will look back on an amazing life that contributed to making everyone else’s amazing as well. Just like Coach Cabrina.

*Listen to our full discussion on our podcast!


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