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Teachable Points of View To Create Action

Creating action in a team doesn’t always require big, dramatic training events or meetings. Teams often respond best when a leader steps out of their operational role and into the role of a teacher. Spending dedicated, focused time to uncover Performance Gaps, whether Knowledge, Importance, or Action Gaps, at the moment when the team members are experiencing active pain points can be far more dramatic of a learning experience than anything done formally. In-the-moment coaching forces people to immediately shift their paradigm and look at their situation in a new light and perspective.

One tactic to do this is something we call “Teachable Points of View.” These are short, bite-sized lessons that are delivered on the spot, at the moment, when a leader is working side-by-side with a team or team member. We provide many of these nuggets through the tools we share in our book, “Gapology.” Tools such as TxM=P, The Habit Ladder, The Commitment Ladder, and The Expectations Model can all be shared within our recommended time frame of 15-minutes. They can create dramatic levels of understanding and action.

Here are five tips:

  1. Leader Becomes Teacher: Put yourself into a teaching mindset. Put away your execution hat briefly and focus on helping your team learn.

  2. Create Cycle of Learning- Student Becomes Teacher: Focus on developing your team member to the point where they understand it well enough to teach it to others. Keep it simple and easy to understand quickly.

  3. Situational or General: Teachable Points of View can be built around very general areas of your business or designed to be used in specific situations that you encounter often. Look at the top things you struggle with first and start there.

  4. Limit to 15 Minutes: Keep these lessons short, tight, and impactful. The team members will lose interest after 15 minutes, so brevity and conciseness matter here.

  5. Focus on Action: Teachable Points of View are meant to deliver action, and if done correctly, you should see talent and engagement improvements, and thus, performance levels should elevate dramatically. Leverage the metrics you have in place currently to measure your effectiveness and indicate areas to adjust.

We recommend you first look at what matters most for your team and organization. Then develop a group of 3-5 lessons you could deliver in 15 minutes. Make sure to stick to the most important things. As you begin to build these, define the following:

  • What do they need to know?

  • Why does it matter?

  • What do they need to do?

These should be instantly actionable and powerful. Dedicate time to developing them and testing them out with select individuals or small groups to ensure that they deliver the learning and behavior changes you seek.

When personalized and shared with passion and genuine care for your learners, your short, powerful lessons can create a long-term impact that will carry forward your message in ways you may never even predict!


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