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Wake-Up Calls: A Conversation with Kim Rooney

Have you ever received a wake-up call in your life or your career that you didn’t respond to right away and it ended up knocking you upside the head with an even bigger one? I think many of us have gone through something similar in our journeys through life and we can connect with the ramifications of not listening to our own internal voices. Whether it is telling us to adjust our identity, mindset, purpose, or expectations that we've set, oftentimes that inner voice seems to see things much more clearly than our minds will admit. How we react to things that happen to us is a driving factor in our outcomes in life and one of the most effective things we can do is intentionally remain open to our true spirit and conscience while remaining connected with our purpose.

On this week’s Gapology Radio podcast, I have an in-depth discussion with my good friend Kim Rooney, author of Spiritual 2x4s and other Wake-Up Calls, who says, “You have what it takes. You have the power within. And you can shift your life to make it spectacular.” In her book, she shares 11 powerful “gifts” or elements of our lives that we can leverage to tap into those wake-up calls with the intent and purpose to live our lives to the fullest. These gifts also directly align with what we teach in Gapology, IMBAR, and Speed of Purpose. They are universal truths about how human behavior directly connects with our personal beliefs and inner thought patterns… in essence our purpose, identity, and mindset!

In Gapology, we keep our professional objectives at the center of our focus. These are the defined outcomes that we are working toward which include any behavioral elements as well. What do we need to do, and what do we need to deliver? That is a foundational part of our leadership existence. When it comes to our personal lives do we function in a similar way? Often times we don’t, and with that lack of focus, comes uncertainty. But how do we deal with uncertainty so we avoid crippling anxiety and worry? It really comes down to understanding, accepting, and embracing it. Even being grateful for it. With an acceptance of uncertainty comes the development of our personal fortitude and strength to tackle any big obstacles head-on and avoid being permanently crushed by them. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? That can be absolutely true if we don’t hide or run from our mistakes, but rather learn from them and be grateful for any strength-building struggles or challenges we encounter, applying what we learn moving forward to make the corrections necessary for growth.

As you look at your day or week ahead, first consider listening to that inner voice, looking for any subtle wake-up calls, and then reflect on your purpose, identity, and overall mindset. Do they align with the objectives you are setting for yourself? If not, seek out ways to adjust things to create alignment. Gapology is a great place to start. Close your Knowledge, Importance, and Action Gaps. Take a look at Kim’s book and leverage her 11 gifts. Talk to trusted advisors and be open to their feedback. It is all in your hands. As we discuss on our podcast each week, leading others begins by looking in the mirror to see how we can improve ourselves first, before we try to lead other people.

*Listen to our Gapology Radio Podcast on this topic:


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