"When your team is not performing to your expectations,

start by looking in the mirror."



Signature Program

Gaps happen.


Gapology is a set of tools and a way of thinking that quickly and permanently identifies and closes performance gaps within a leader, team or organization.


During our workshops, we teach Gapology in the context of your specific business. 


Performance Gaps drastically prevent us from reaching our expectations and we’ve classified them as Knowledge, Importance, Action. We teach how they are connected, how to identify and close them by applying our powerful root solutions and how to proactively prevent them from occurring.




It all begins with our Discovery Process. We spend time with your key leaders to understand your business, and together, we identify organizational performance gaps which are tied to your mission and economic engine. Based on our discoveries, we then design a narrow focus, which creates the context, unique to your organization, by which we teach Gapology in our workshops.

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Once our Discovery Process is complete, we align the narrow focus to your senior leadership team with the behaviors required to close performance gaps proactively.

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Similar to the Corporate Leadership program, we leverage the narrow focus gained from the Discovery Process to align your field leadership team with the behaviors needed to achieve expectations and close performance gaps permanently.


Create sustainability here!


We spend additional focused time working with select leaders or learning & development professionals to give guidance in providing Gapology as an ongoing program through internal instruction.


These leaders are certified to teach Gapology fundamentals within their organization.

"Purpose in the workplace gives a meaning to our work that has no match, because with Purpose... work is no longer work." 

"Everything we accomplish in life, both good and bad, 

is a result of our IMBAR pathway."

Speed of Purpose

Master Series

Achieve 2.8x Productivity with Speed of Purpose.

In our latest research, we discovered that the key to truly moving quickly and delivering accelerated results is wrapping yourself and your team in Purpose.

From our learnings, Purpose can easily transform an average performing team to one that believes in what they are working toward and ultimately achieve results that far exceed expectations.

We provide clear details on how to do this quickly and sustainably using three drivers and nine accelerators that make moving to 2.8x productivity cultural in your life.

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Wrap Purpose into the highest levels of your organization to build sustainability into your culture. We help your senior leaders walk through the steps necessary to embed Purpose into all facets of the organization.

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Tying Purpose into the workings of your field leadership impact those closest to your customers. This is the lifeblood of any organization and key to moving at 2.8x productivity! We help you make Purpose real for this most important element of your team.

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Create sustainability here!


In-depth exploration of how your organization can leverage the tactics of Speed of Purpose to continue building and supporting the culture you create will develop the methods needed to keep Purpose at the forefront of everything you do.


We work with select key leaders or learning & development professionals to certify them in the the methods of Speed of Purpose, its drivers, accelerators and tactics that deliver 2.8x productivity.



Identity Mapping Master Series

IMBAR is the pathway of transformation.


The human pathway to achieve any success or fight any battle is hardwired into each of us. It is our internal operating system, and it’s what we’ve come to call IMBAR. In each case, our Identity flows through and creates our Mindset, driving our Behavior and the Actions around us, all of which create our Results.

Thus, a pathway of Identity, Mindset, Behavior, Actions and Results form the acronym we call IMBAR.

Understanding this pathway gives us the power to change it. If we aren’t happy with the Results we’re getting, we need to start by transforming our Identity. IMBAR shows you how.

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A Professional IMBAR is designed to help us transform as business professionals serving clients, as small business owners, or as leaders influencing a team. The professional IMBAR influences those around us and highly successful people excel here.

We help walk you through this eye-opening process to create a customized Professional IMBAR to help you achieve the results you most desire.

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An Organizational IMBAR’s purpose is to transform and align a group of people along a set of ideals, a vision. It maps the desired Identity, Mindset, Behavior, ActionandResults of that group, most often relating to its customers or clients, the community served, stakeholders and to the team itself.


We will take your select  senior team through the process needed to clearly map out a specific Plan for Transformation that will create a sustainable identity that will bring the results desired.

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Situational IMBARs are crafted to achieve a specific objective. Examples would be an important meeting, presentation or interview where the IMBAR may require temporary alteration to achieve a desired outcome.

We will help you target these situational events to make the most of these opportunities.


“I have seen the significantly improved business results that follow retail leaders tenaciously closing Performance Gaps.”

—  Paul G., Retail Executive

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